Faith-Based Life Purpose Coaching

A certified and licensed facilitator of Identity & Destiny, Coach Charlie excels at getting countless people out of the cage to soar like eagles!…… This is by far the most popular and requested form of coaching Charlie offers, and for good reason!  Coach Charlie gives you 15 hours of personal one-on-one, in-depth life coaching over a life-changing 8 week period.   Weekly 60-75 minute phone calls, unlimited email support, accountability, unlimited short laser calls to help you navigate your way, along with resources & tools!  Works well for those who can use some coaching to…..
*Live your life with passion and purpose
*Nail down your identity and destiny purpose statements that will be your “plumb line” as you make future life choices and decisions
*Be in a position where you can have the most spiritual impact as you live out your faith
*Be confident in who you are and where you fit in God’s game plan for your life
*Have the power to say no to the things that drain your time and energy because your “YES” is so big!

About Coach Charlie’s Tool
Coach Charlie uses the “Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to a Purpose-Filled Life” workbook.  (By far the most outstanding and effective Life Coaching tool available today!)  This workbook pieces all the parts of your personal mosaic, including your personality profile, resilience factors, passions and underlying needs, spiritual gifts, and core values.   Then it takes you over the bridge of fears, blocks and limited beliefs, and ends up taking you straight to your Creator and helps you find your God-given design and your God-given purpose!  You will end up creating ID statements that will set you free to soar by living life with focus and purpose!
Ready to Soar?