One-a-Day Spiritual Vitamins

You’ve heard of One a Day Vitamins, right? The idea is to take one vitamin a day to help build resistance and maintain physical health.  So here’s another spin on that idea.
I am giving you 7 vitamins this week. One for each day of the week. This of course is not intended to replace your main source of daily spiritual strength, which is your Bible reading and prayer. But rather, this can be a nice supplement to your daily time with God, and it’s effortless. It only takes seconds to take your daily vitamin, yet the thoughts can stick with you all day long!
Try one a day, and see if this helps you in your faith journey!


Monday's MessageMonday’s Message

Tuesday's TruthTuesday’s Truth

Wednesday's WisdomWednesday’s Wisdom

Thursday's ThoughtThursday’s Thoughts

Friday's FocusFriday’s Focus

Saturday's SmilesSaturday’s Smile

Sunday's ScriptureSunday’s Scripture

Soar On!
Life Coach Charlie