Maximizing Your Time With God

Many of God’s people decided this year to commit themselves to spending time alone with God as a daily habit.  Trust me, that’s one of the best decisions you can make!  Spending time alone with our Creator is NEVER time wasted!  He wants to speak into our lives, and His primary way of doing that is through His Word.
So how do we get the most out of God’s Word?  How can we take what we read and apply it to our lives?  Allow me to give you two simple formulas in the way of acronyms that have helped me apply God’s Word into my life through my daily quiet times.  These methods work for any scripture you read.  All you need is a pen and a simple piece of paper, a notebook, or a journal to keep your notes in.  In this blog I will share the first acronym you can use.  When you read your scriptures for the day, ask God to speak to you and reveal to you if any of the below statements apply.  It could be one of them, a few of them, or even many of them.  Use the acronym SPACE.

S – Sins to Confess:
Does God bring up anything as a result of this passage that I need to ask forgiveness for, repent of  and change?  (If so, simply write it down, confess it to the Lord, ask for forgiveness and the strength to change.)
P – Promises to Claim:
Are there any promises in this passage that I can claim for my own life, or my own present circumstances?
A – Attitudes to Change:
Do I see an attitude in my way of thinking or behaving that needs to change as a result of this passage?
(A)-  Actions to Take or Avoid:
Are there specific actions God is revealing to me that I need to take or avoid as a result of reading this passage?
C – Commands to Obey:
Are there any commands directly from the Lord I need to comply with, or commands the Lord gave to someone in scripture that also apply to me?
E – Example to Follow:
Are there examples from characters in this passage that I can learn from and emulate or maybe negative examples I can learn from and avoid?

Try this one this week and see how it works for you.  Next week I’ll give you another one!  Feel free to contact me at with any comments or questions.  God Bless, and I’ll Cya here, there, or in the air!
Soar On!
Life Coach Charlie