Be That Someone

Wanna be somebody in this life?  Somebody that is making a huge impact on other people?  Somebody God uses in incredible ways?  You don't have to be a popular person to do that.  You don't even need a large platform like a music stage or a preacher's platform.  God uses people just like you and me to have Kingdom Impact just by the way we treat people on an everyday basis. The people who had the most lasting impact in my

One-a-Day Spiritual Vitamins

You've heard of One a Day Vitamins, right? The idea is to take one vitamin a day to help build resistance and maintain physical health.  So here's another spin on that idea. I am giving you 7 vitamins this week. One for each day of the week. This of course is not intended to replace your main source of daily spiritual strength, which is your Bible reading and prayer. But rather, this can be a nice supplement to your daily ti

7 Inspirational Quotes on Waiting

Learning to wait on God's timing in our lives is one of the hardest lessons we learn in our faith journey.   We are living in an instant generation.  Instant coffee, instant messaging, you name it.  I have heard it said that we live in a micro-wave world and we serve a crockpot God!  Waiting on God goes against our nature, but if we can learn to trust in God's timing, He not only works things out for our best but He grows

7 “Life Purpose” Quotes to Keep You Focused

All of us are created by God for His unique purposes.  It's easy to lose sight of that when we get so wrapped up in the everyday affairs of this world we live in.  Sometimes we get so busy with the here and now that we forget the big picture of why God has us planted where we are in the first place. These 7 quotes can help us re-focus and live our lives with meaning and purpose, no matter what platform we are on.  Our life

5 Quotes to Strengthen Your Faith

Here are 5 faith quotes that you can use and share that will help strengthen you in your faith journey.  Faith honors God, and God honors faith.  Faith is one of the keys to our spiritual growth and progress.  It takes faith to move forward in life.  It takes faith to overcome obstacles in life.  It takes faith to get to the next level in our spiritual walk with Christ. Maybe one or more of those quotes will help you gai