Be That Someone

Wanna be somebody in this life?  Somebody that is making a huge impact on other people?  Somebody God uses in incredible ways?  You don’t have to be a popular person to do that.  You don’t even need a large platform like a music stage or a preacher’s platform.  God uses people just like you and me to have Kingdom Impact just by the way we treat people on an everyday basis.
The people who had the most lasting impact in my life were the ones who made me feel important, loved and valued.  They made me feel like “somebody”.  Don’t you just love to be around people like that?    People who lift you up and build you up, especially in front of others?
Be that person!  Christ in us wants to love others through us.  If we can learn to set aside selfish feelings and start seeing people through the eyes of God, we will naturally begin to look for ways to genuinely build others up and make them feel like somebody.  Let’s ask God today to open our eyes to see pope like He does and to open our hearts to make them feel loved and valued.  Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody!

Soar On!
Life Coach Charlie